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PHYSIOMOTION3D is a Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic where you get access to specialist physiotherapy services and benefit from a comprehensive analysis, treatment and solutions programme that is not usually available in a clinical setting



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Our RUN3D Gait Analysis involves a comprehensive 3 dimentional analysis of your Running and Walking biomechanics, and how you move in relation to scientific measurements of structure , flexibility and strength.

Our select RUN3D Packages address these issues in a simple and straightforward way so you know what needs to be done to get back on track!
Gait Analysis


Our TOG GAITSCAN and 3D STRUCTURE SENSOR systems are our latest additions to our FOOTSTEP3D Service. Our GAITSCAN Plate uses over 4000 sensors to record when and how hard your foot hits the ground while walking. And our 3D STRUCTURE SENSOR gets your precise foot and ankle prescription. See what we can do to resolve you foot and ankle issues!
TOG GaitScan


Our PHYSIOPRIME Service is a progressive and dynamic Physiotherapy Clinic that specialises in Musculoskeletal/Sports Injuries and conditions. Our service is not just related to running and walking issues and we treat all areas such as neck, back, shoulders and arms! This 1 hour service is comprehensive with a full assessment , treatment and video led rehabilitation progamme for you to do at home.
Sport Injuries


Our PHYSIOMOTION3D Massage Therapists are IMTA registered and highly qualified. They facilitate deep long lasting results with a wide range of massage techniques. They restore mobility to injured muscles, ease stiffened joints, detoxify lymphatic drainage and breakdown myofascial trigger points.Check ot our different services as well as our new HYPERVOLT Massage Gun and AIR- RELAX PLUS systems for post run/race rehab!”


Physiotherapy Specialist

PHYSIOMOTION3D provides comprehensive and quality Physiotherapy Services  and is among the best Sports Injuries Clinic in Cork and Waterford.

At our Physiotherapy Cork and Waterford Clinics ,we excel at providing detailed assessments, accurate diagnosis and effective treatments for  all musculoskeletal problems in you body.

We also provide advanced 3D Gait and Running Analysis Packages  for straight forward and complex back and lower limb movement issues  which are unavailable in most clinical settings.

At both the Waterford and Cork Physiotherapy Clinic, we are dedicated about our service to you and approach all your injury problems in a professional and proactive manner.

We are  also particularly proud of our advanced hi-tech Sports Injury Clinic in Cork and Waterford giving you accurate analysis, rebuilding your strength and flexibility and avoiding future  injuries along the way.

Our Cork Physio Clinic and Waterford Physio Clinic Welcome You!

Who will benefit from a PHYSIOMOTION3D Experience?

All types of runners, sports athletes and walkers will benefit. We can help people of all activity levels to determine the route cause of an injury or condition. You may want to start walks, running regularly, run a 5k or marathon and avoid possible injury, return to your sport after an injury, improve your mobility after an operation or improve your running technique to get that competitive edge. We can help you.


Some of the more common injuries / conditions seen would be:

What our clients say?


the best sports injuries clinic in Cork and Waterford

If you are in need of the best sports injuries clinic in cork, then your search is now over at PHYSIOMOTION3D.We have advanced Physiotherapy solutions providing you the best services and Physiotherapy movement analysis in cork and Waterford. We excel at providing reliable and accurate treatments for straight forward and complex injuries to resolve pain and improve mobility issues. Our hi-tech walking and running 3D analysis systems are unavailable in most clinic settings so with us, you get advanced, scientifically backed analysis and physiotherapy solutions for your movement problems.
Our 3D Gait Analysis in Cork accurately pinpoints your source of weakness and injury so we can home in on the source of you problem. From there, we provide our advanced treatment protocols getting you back to moving pain free whether you walk or run.
At our Cork Physiotherapy Clinic we strive for excellence to rebuild your strength and flexibility and avoid future injuries along the way.
At our Sports Injury Clinic in cork, as well as Waterford we are passionate about our services to you, and approach all your injury problems in a professional and comprehensive manner.