At our physio Waterford clinic, we take great pride in providing detailed assessments, effective treatments and accurate diagnoses for all musculoskeletal problems your body is experiencing.


To cater to all your musculoskeletal problems, our specialist team offer our clients leading pain relief and rehabilitation treatments. Our bespoke solutions help deal with injuries on a more personal level.

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A warm welcome to you from PHYSIOMOTION3D and congratulations on taking the first step to getting  back to your optimal health and fitness!

Our team at PHYSIOMOTION3D are passionate about our work and strive to get our clients to the level of health and fitness that they need or want.

Whatever the injury or condition that you suffer from our highly qualified and experienced our specialist team is prepared to assess, treat and rehabilitate you back to living a happy and healthy lifestyle!

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How we do it?


Our PHYSIOPRIME Service is a progressive and dynamic Clinic that specialises in Musculoskeletal/Sports Injuries and conditions. We treat all areas of the body such as neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs! This 1 hour service is comprehensive with a full assessment , treatment and video led rehabilitation progamme for you to do at home.


Our RUN3D Gait Analysis involves a comprehensive 3 dimensional analysis of your Running and Walking biomechanics, and how you move in relation to scientific measurements of structure , flexibility and strength.

Our select RUN3D Packages address these issues in a simple and straightforward way so you know what needs to be done to get back on track!


Our TOG GAITSCAN and 3D STRUCTURE SENSOR systems are our latest additions to our FOOTSTEP3D Service. Our GAITSCAN Plate uses over 4000 sensors to record when and how hard your foot hits the ground while walking. And our 3D STRUCTURE SENSOR gets your precise foot and ankle prescription. See what we can do to resolve you foot and ankle issues!


Our PHYSIOMOTION3D Massage Therapists are IMTA registered and highly qualified. They facilitate deep long lasting results with a wide range of massage techniques. They restore mobility to injured muscles, ease stiffened joints, detoxify lymphatic drainage and breakdown myofascial trigger points.Check ot our different services as well as our new HYPERVOLT Massage Gun and AIR- RELAX PLUS systems for post run/race rehab!

Services Offered at our PHYSIO Waterford Clinic

Our Waterford physio clinic has highly qualified specialists that use hands-on treatments and advanced technology to cater for our client’s needs.


Our PHYSOPRIME treatment targets and treats both Musculoskeletal and Sports-related injuries. Our approach involves an accurate diagnosis and proactive treatment. Your one-hour session with our Physio Waterford Professional provides us with in-depth analysis and accurate diagnosis, allowing us to prescribe your personal rehabilitation programmes for best treatment outcomes and solutions. We help you with all types of injuries and pains at our Physio Waterford clinic. Typical questions can be, What is the underlying problem?, how do I get better fast?, how many sessions do I need? Is physiotherapy good for neck pain, etc.

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RUN3D Running and Walking Analysis

Our 3D Running and Walking Analysis (Gait Analysis) consists of hi-tech 3D or 3-dimensional infrared cameras and software, television monitors and a treadmill. We analyse the mechanics of your movement in real-time down to the centimetre, the MRI OF YOUR MOVEMENT so to speak. At the end of the session, you get easy to understand, illustrated report for yourself, GP, Consultant or Sports Coach!! This is the only of its kind in Ireland and we work together on this system with our colleagues RUN3D, a Health Technology company from Oxford University. From this analysis, we know exactly where your movement problem is coming from and how to resolve it promptly!. We have an interesting blog on how to run injury free for our clients who run on a regular basis.

Footstep 3D: TOG Gait Scan

Our 3D Running and Walking Analysis scans and measures how your feet strike the ground while walking and standing. The TOG GAIT SCAN plate consists of 5,000 sensors and picks up every single movement from the moment your heel hits the ground to the moment your toes leave the ground! Along with that, our 3D structure sensor captures your specific foot and ankle image, so we get a perfect prescription 3D picture of your foot and ankle.
These two highly accurate, hi-tech modalities are an excellent way to detect any abnormal or dysfunctional foot and ankle problems. Our Specialist Foot and Ankle Clinic at our physio Waterford premises was developed solely for foot and ankle issues whether it be as simple as stiff and achy feet right across to complicated diabetic weight-bearing foot problems. We also share a Shoe and Runner prescription database with our sister Clinic WATERFORD PHYSIOTHERAPY AND SPORTS INJURY CLINIC to advise you on what footwear is most appropriate for you based on your biomechanical foot and ankle profile.

Deep Tissue Massage

Our physiotherapy clinic also offers more traditional techniques such as deep tissue massages. This type of massage can help to break up tension found within connective tissues while providing you with significant relief from chronic muscular pain. It can help other issues such as acute injuries, strains and forms of osteoarthritis.

Sports Massage

Our Sports massages involve the manipulation of soft tissues found at or near the surface. This technique is effective at reducing short-term sports injuries as well as discomfort and stiffness that can often accompany chronic conditions. Our sports massage service also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Dry Needling

At our physio Waterford clinic, dry needling is available. Our dry needling therapy involves the use of monofilaments that penetrate the skin to target tight muscles and fibres. It is an effective way to provide relief from localised injuries and it can be used to reduce muscular stiffness. It is proactive and invasive but can produce great improvements in the recovery process.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Many of our clients endure circulatory problems and this can sometimes result in the accumulation of lymph, particularly in the extremities. A lymphatic drainage massage helps reduce the accumulation of this liquid while simultaneously reducing swelling. We use Air-Relax equipment for this service.
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Our team of orthotics specialists will determine which insoles are the most appropriate to provide you with superior levels of comfort without sacrificing mobility. At PhysioMotion3D, our physio Waterford specialists will ensure the biomechanical correction to your feet with help of our three insole options. 

Air-Relax Plus Compression Massage

This Compression Massage System is ideal for clients who suffer from fluid retention or puffiness to the legs and calves! It is also a very effective treatment for post-run recovery and lower limb injuries. An assessment is included, to rule out any vascular or lower limb conditions you may be predisposed to, just in case! Otherwise, it is a great way to maintain leg flexibility, sports recovery and leg definition!!

Air Relax

HyperVolt Percussion Massage

At our Waterford physio clinic, we have added HyperVolt Percussion Massage to our list of services. Essentially, it is a percussion massage gun that vibrates and sends relaxing shockwaves to tight or injured muscles in a safe and pain-free manner. It is a delightful and gratifying experience that breaks down muscle spasms and TRIGGER POINTS. It is ideal for LOW BACK PAIN and stiffness, upper and lowers limb soft tissue problems.
With this treatment, we also include Acupressure therapy which involves a compression-type hold technique on muscles that instantaneously breaks down muscle and soft tissue spasm or tightness

Why customers trust PHYSIOMOTION3D


One important factor involves the sheer level of experience that our team brings to the table. PhysioMotion3D provide second-to-none solutions to all our clients and we take pride in continuously developing our knowledge.

Personalised packages

Our physio Waterford specialists treat each new client that walks through our doors differently to the next. Each client will come to us with their musculoskeletal issue therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment. We take our time to access and diagnose the issue and then provide personalised solutions to get you back moving freely.

Modern Technology

At PhysioMotion3D we use advanced diagnostic systems such as Run3D and Footstep3D. It allows us to accurately diagnosis our clients' issue quickly. This then enables us to provide a personalised treatment plan that our client will begin over a few weeks or months. We can also check if you need orthotics with our TOG Gaitscan.

Results Driven

Ultimately, we are a results-oriented physiotherapy clinic. Our approaches are based on your short- and long-term goals. We ensure our clients reach their desired goals with a certain period. If you require the best physio Waterford, look no further than our experienced team at Physiomotion3D.


Our Location

Our physiotherapy clinic is situated at Unit 24, Ballinakill Shopping Centre, Dunmore Road with free onsite parking. We are very conveniently located near the University Hospital Waterford, Ardkeen, and Waterford City. Ideal for people living in Tramore, Dunmore East, or closer to the city like Dunmore Rd, Mount Pleasant, Powerscourt and Cove Lane.


Physio waterford - Frequently Asked Questions

A physiotherapist will diagnose any musculoskeletal issues that may be present to provide you with an effective treatment solution. They will look at the body as a whole but will also place a direct focus on the injured area.
A wide range of individuals may require a physiotherapist. Those who have recently experienced an injury or anyone enduring chronic muscular pain can benefit from the expertise of a physio. Athletes, runners and walkers seem to be the most frequent type of clients.
This will depend on the severity of the condition, your age, your physical health, and any underlying issues that may be present. However, physiotherapists usually start to see results within 2-6 sessions, depending on how severe the injury is.
Some procedures may be slightly painful since stiff muscles (and connective tissues) need to be physically manipulated to heal. However, this discomfort is minimal when compared to the relief that you will experience. Each client will have a different pain tolerance to different treatments.
A physio performs a thorough assessment; they make a treatment plan and address the root cause of your problem. Physiotherapy reduces pain by relieving intramuscular tension, soreness, stiffness, and any potential inflammation.
Different conditions will require unique exercise regimens. Typically, you will begin with exercises 2-3 times a day for 5 minutes each. As you progress with your treatment the exercises can be performed once a day and then 3 times per week for 15 minutes.
The initial appointment will involve getting to know your ultimate goal as well as attempting to analyse and diagnose any conditions that may be present. This enables us to devise a targeted treatment programme.

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