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Clinic Lead Therapist and Running Injuries Analyst

Peter graduated with a degree in BSc in Physiotherapy from Kings College London in 1995.

After working with the HSE for years, he went into private practice specialising in musculoskeletal and neurological injuries at the Waterford Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic.

Peter has a special interest in lower limb injuries and conditions which lead him to undertake extensive postgraduate training in Gait and Running analysis, Foot Pathology and Orthotics.

He provided Physiotherapy services under the International Carding Scheme at Sports Ireland, treating high-performance international athletes and is also an active member of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport.

He is a licensed Dry Kneedling Clinician and a Graston Technique provider.

Peter Profile


Healthcare business administrator - PHYSIOMOTION3D

Since recently joining PHYSIOMOTION3D LTD, Saida has had an integral and important clinical administrative role in managing the business. Her main goal has been a  comprehensive clients centred approach of developing the company brand and benefits for potential clients, running all business aspects of the company and has applied all aspects of the strategic healthcare business plan for the future of the company.

She has initiated hi-tech clinic based software systems such as RUN3D for 3D running and movement analysis and the 3D GaitScan system for foot and ankle injuries and conditions. 

Her latest project is PHYDEO application which videos clients carrying out their rehabilitation programmes which are then directly sent to their emails.This guarantees precise compliance with their home exercise programmes.

Her clinical healthcare expertise has set in motion our company goal, to develop a comprehensive state of the art patient centred approach for physiotherapy healthcare in a private practice setting.

Saida graduated from GMIT in Digital Healthcare Strategy in Galway and has a Masters of Science in Management and in Business administration in France. She has vast experience working abroad helping companies to achieve their Business potential and objectives.

David Ross

Running Injuries Analyst and Sports Performance Trainer

David brings a high level of experience and understanding of Human Movement Analysis to PHYSIOMOTION3D. At the University of Limerick,  he graduated with  both a BSc (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Science and his MSc in Sports Performance.
Over the past few years, he has further developed his understanding of Human Biomechanics,Sports Injury Solutions and Performance in the private clinical settings as well as working in Fitness Coaching and Health Promotion.
This year, David is completing his MSc in Physiotherapy at the University College of Cork, which has consolidated his skills in Biomechanical Analysis and Musculoskeletal Injuries. David is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is passionate about the delivery of evidence-based care for all of his clients.

David Ross

Karolina Kozbial

Massage Therapist

Karolina is a highly qualified IMTA Massage Therapist and runs the Recovery and Massage Unit of PHYSIOMOTION3D. Having completed a degree in Public Health in her native Poland, Karolina achieved the International Therapy Examination Council Diploma in Massage Therapy in 2016. Since then she has displayed a passion for the promotion of Remedial Massage specialising in Holistic, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. Through physical assessment, correcting the imbalance between tight and weak muscles, pain reduction and strength training, Karolina truly believes in the benefits of massage to heal and prevent client injuries. Prior to joining PHYSIOMOTION3D she worked with large corporates all over Ireland promoting employee wellness through remedial health and recovery. Her scope of practice covers all areas of Massage and Recovery solutions.
Karolina is a fully insured member of the Irish Massage Therapy Association (IMTA)

Aine O'Donovan

Sports Rehabilitation Therapist

Aine brings a fresh, dynamic and proactive approach to running and movement rehabilitation planning at PHYSIOMOTION3D.
After graduating from the University of West England Bristol with a BSc in Sports Rehabilitation, she worked with Bristol Rovers Football Club as a Sports Rehabilitation Therapist before returning to Cork to work with GAA Clubs and Sports Injury Clinics.
She is a qualified Dry Kneedling/Cupping Clinician and specialises in Sports Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation Programming for clients.
Her structural approach to Sports Rehabilitation is based on sound scientific evidence and her desire to maximise client recovery.

Aine O'Donovan

Robert Parle

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Robert plays a key role with PHYSIOMOTION3D  and specialises in Strength and Conditioning planning and solutions. His proactive and direct approach to Running and Sports Injury Rehabilitation compliments the PHYSIOMOTION3D  comprehensive approach to client treatment and recovery.
After graduating from Waterford Institute Of Technology with his Degree in Exercise and Health ,he progressed on to specialising in Cardiac Rehabilitation in a gym setting and highly regarded in Waterford for his expertise.
He is also a member of REP (Registered Exercise Professionals) in Ireland.