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FOOTSTEP3D is a new addition to the PHYSIOMOTION3D services. Our TOG GaitScan plate uses over 4000 sensors to record when and how hard your foot strikes the ground. It also measures the distribution of force through the foot during each foot step identifying high pressure areas and foot and ankle deformities. This data along with a comprehensive physiotherapy examination allows us to accurately detect abnormal foot function as you walk and stand.

Our 3D Structure Sensor will also give us an exact prescription of your feet.We can then provide a detailed physiotherapy programme to help reduce pain or biomechanical issues or in the event that you need insoles or custom orthotics for your injury or condition.

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People who may suffer from biomechanical,weight bearing symptoms such as pain ,stiffness or restriction of movement in ankles/feet.People who would benefit from Physiotherapy treatment or orthotic/insole intervention.

Some of common issues/problems would be:



Designed for clients with foot or ankles problems who would benefit from Physiotherapy intervention and possible insole/orthotic prescription.
80 (1hr)
  • Clinical Assessment and Examination of Feet and Ankles including 3D STRUCTURE SENSOR Analysis
  • TOG GaitScan Analysis of dynamic, postural and static positioning of foot and ankle
  • Tailored Physiotherapy Treatment Programme to reduce pain or improve biomechanical issues
  • PHYDEO App Video with Exercises to your email.
  • Prescription of feet and ankles for possible insole/orthotic intervention
  • Footwear recommendations for your prescription foot type for Runners, Casual or Work Shoes


Gait Analysis

The Run3D Gait Analysis system involves a comprehensive 3 dimensional analysis of your running and /or walking biomechanics and how your gait biomechanics are related to scientific measures of anatomical structure, flexibility and strength.

A comprehensive and individualized report is generated and specific, evidence-based recommendations are made to help you resolve your pain and symptoms, improve your running performance and help prevent future running injuries.

The end result of your assessment with us is your own individualized report pinpointing the root cause of your injury or weakness. A rehabilitation program is then put in place for you to help achieve your specific goals.Whether you are starting off running or walking for health reasons, a club or elite runner, a sports athlete or marathon runner we have the answer for you.

Gait Analysis waterford


What’s involved in a PHYSIOMOTION3D Session?

Assessment – During the assessment session a full subjective , objective and Run3D gait evaluation is completed. The subjective assessment will consist of discussing your problem / goals with you. The objective assessment will be a comprehensive evaluation of you strength, flexibility and alignment.
The Run3D analysis will consist of you running or walking on a treadmill with a 32 inch screen in front of you so you can actually see yourself moving in real-time providing feedback for 2D and 3D gait analysis and retraining. Our high speed cameras and specific software measure your pattern of movement (your gait biomechanics).

A 10 minute break.

Consultation – You will return to the clinic for your consultation session where you will receive a full diagnosis and explanation of your assessment. A detailed report of your assessment findings will be given to you. A personalized program is designed for you as well as video -led exercises performed by you,that will be sent on to you via email.

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