Deep Tissue Massage waterford

Our team of IMTA Massage Professionals are happy to provide our clients with a deep tissue massage Waterford & Cork to relieve common aches and pains. The main objective of this type of massage is to relieve any tension and eliminate any tightness found deep within the muscles.

We also offer targeted solutions such as a HyperVolt Massage Gun alongside our Air-Relax Compression System specifically designed for athletes and clients with poor circulation in their lower limbs.


Deep Tissue Massage Service Waterford & Cork

Are you curious to learn about the advantages of a professional deep tissue massage in Waterford? Do you constantly suffer from aches and pains? Are you hoping to improve your quality of life while enjoying a greater degree of mobility? These are some of the many reasons why our growing number of clients are choosing to leverage the expertise of our trained professionals.

There are many advantages that you can experience from a deep tissue massage. This type of therapy is often used to treat muscular adhesions as well as to adjust any muscles that may have become misaligned over time.

Our primary goals are to reduce levels of discomfort, improve flexibility and enhance your overall quality of life without the need for invasive techniques. As always, our team of experts at PhysioMotion3D are here to help you achieve your desired results.

deep tissue massage cork
deep tissue massage cork


What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

How does a deep tissue massage work? It is a type of massage which has been specifically designed to reach muscles and connective tissues that would be difficult to access with traditional techniques. There are several goals associated with this massage:

  • To break down any tightness and achiness that may be found within the muscle fibres.
  • To eliminate localised toxins that have accumulated over time.
  • To soothe and relax the problem areas; promoting pain relief and a greater degree of mobility.

As you can see, you will experience both corrective and therapeutic advantages. A deep tissue massage can represent an ideal solution when dealing with common issues such as osteoarthritic pain, general discomfort and sports-related injuries.

What are the Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage Waterford?

There are many reasons to book a deep tissue massage in Waterford or Cork with PhysioMotion3D. To better appreciate the options, it is a good idea to examine some of the primary benefits. A deep tissue sports massage can:

Cork Deep Tissue massage clinic


We believe in getting to the root of the problem

We believe that prevention is better than cure but unfortunately this can’t always be the case. Therefore, our massage therapists will embrace a proactive approach when dealing with each client. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem and to provide our clients with individual targeted solutions.
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deep tissue massage cork

We engage in ongoing professional education

Whether our clients are booked in for deep tissue neck massage or a massage intended to relieve chronic sciatica, we ensure that our techniques are up to date. We regularly attend industry seminars. As a result, you can rest assured that you are receiving cutting-edge solutions from a modern clinic.

We believe in an improved quality of life

We appreciate that long-term muscular pain relief should incorporate a holistic approach as opposed to focusing solely upon the muscle in question. In other words, rehabilitation involves much more than resolving the immediate issue alone. It should instead focus on improving the quality of life of our clients.

Myofascial Streching

We have a relaxed environment

We aim to get to the root of the problem while ensuring that you are relaxed throughout the entire treatment. We believe that patients who are relaxed during treatments are much more likely to respond positively over time. PhysioMotion3D seeks to establish long-lasting relationships with all our clients. 
Deep Tissue Massage


What is a Deep Tissue Massage Good For?

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that we have painted a good picture of what it would be like to get a deep tissue massage in Waterford. If you still have some more questions, you might find them below.

It is best to wear loose-fitting clothing so that the professional can access specific areas to provide you with relief.
This will partially depend on what you hope to resolve but most patients do not experience a great deal of discomfort. Some clients like deep relaxing massages and others prefer it more intense .
Sports massages will not target deeper muscle fascia and the surrounding tissues. While this type of treatment is indeed helpful, deep massages are often needed to resolve more profound issues (such as sciatica).

The frequency of this type of massage depends on your level of discomfort as well as what you are trying to achieve. The best way to appreciate your options is to speak with trained professionals at the clinic.

Shin splints are caused by pain within the surrounding connective tissue in the lower limbs. A deep tissue massage is able to effectively isolate these muscles to provide a noticeable sense of relief; particularly if you walk or run regularly. However, during the acute and subacute stages of Shin Splints we avoid deep massage as it is too sensitive to treat. We usually refer that issue to our Chartered Physiotherapist for advice.


Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30 mins / €49
  • 45 mins / €59
  • 60 mins / €90

Sports Massage

  • 30 mins / €49
  • 45 mins / €59
  • 60 mins / €90

Hypervolt Percussion Massage

  • 30 mins / €45
  • 45 mins / €55
  • 60 mins / €70

AirRelax Plus Compression Massage

  • 30 mins / €40
  • 45 mins / €50

Dry Needling

  • 30 mins / €70

Myofascial Stretching Session

  • 30 mins / €50
  • 45 mins / €65

We also can do Combination Massage Packages for 45min and 60min Sessions (Prices Apply)

Book Your Deep Tissue Massage Waterford & Cork with Us Today

Are you looking to book an appointment? If so, please contact one of the team members at PhysioMotion3D. We will be happy to speak with you in greater detail and to schedule an appointment for a date that suits you. We also provide other services such as sports massage, dry needlinggait analysisorthotics, myofascial muscle release and physio in Waterford