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PhysioMotion3D has established itself as a leading specialist in orthotics in Waterford, Cork and Ireland.


Are you suffering from any biomechanical foot issues? Do you have worn-out orthotics that need replacement right away? You could significantly benefit from a comprehensive analysis, treatment, and solutions programme performed by our Foot Specialists.

We also provide custom-made orthotics in Waterford and Cork that are comfortable and beneficial in correcting your foot problem. PhysioMotion3D focuses on providing solutions that suit your needs by customising orthotics around your preferred shoe type and foot concerns.

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Orthotics are devices worn in shoes that are either temporarily or long term, to provide biomechanical correction to your feet. Orthotics prescribed at PHYSIOMOTION3D are predominantly slimline, comfortable to wear and can be used in nearly all of your shoes and runners except sandals which can be ordered separately and manufactured as a prescription sandal.

Other types of footwear such as football boots and high heel shoes can be accommodated with specific orthotic devices successfully. It is not essential to purchase new footwear to accommodate our orthotics, we work around your existing foot and shoe type as much as possible. Ideally, if the existing insoles are removable there is the advantage to have more space to insert them. 

Our Waterford orthotics clinic provide three types of orthotics for our clients. 

Types Of Orthotics Waterford


If we feel an orthotic device is going to help you, depending on your problem, we may recommend:

1.Off-the-shelf Insoles.
These insoles give general foot support and comfort and can be chosen based on shoe size and problem.

Usage is usually 2 to 4 months.
Price approx. €30 -€60

2. Semi-Custom Orthotics.
These are determined based on your FOOTSTEP3D clinical assessment, TOG GAITSCAN and STRUCTURE SENSOR results.
It is also based on your level of activity and the type of problem or condition you are experiencing.

Usage is usually 6 months to 1 year.
Price approx. €90 -€160

3. Custom Prescription Orthotics.
These are determined based on your FOOTSTEP3D clinical assessment, TOG GAITSCAN and  3D STRUCTURE SENSOR results, your level of activity and the type of problem or condition you are experiencing. A diagnosis and determination of the best materials and level of rigidity/ flexibility of the orthotic is made for ultimate comfort and daily wear. We will ask you to visit our clinic in Waterford.

Usage is usually 3 to 5 years.
Price approx €250 – €300

Pain Relief

Foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, flat feet, and other injuries can result in acute and chronic pain on various parts. These are often triggered by misaligned foot structures. With custom orthotics, your feet are enhanced with the right cushion and support, affecting pain relief.

Discreet Foot Support

Orthotic insoles are designed to anchor your feet for stable walking, running, or standing. While some shoes claim to provide your feet with anatomical support, they are not built for every type of foot. You will need high-performance orthotics to leverage optimal support and balance.

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orthotics waterford

Injury Prevention

If you spend time standing, exercising, or running, you may suffer from foot injuries. Custom made orthotics help protect your feet against sprains, fractures, muscle stress, and other injuries. They help your feet with the necessary alignment and support which help prevent injuries.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Your athletic performance is dependent on your leg and foot movements. Orthotics play a critical role in facilitating foot protection, lowered muscle fatigue, shock absorption, and improved foot movements for better sporting. If you are playing sports at Waterford Institute of Technology or with a local sports club, orthotics might be exactly what you need.

orthotics waterford


Orthotics Waterford - Frequently Asked Questions

Orthotics are designed to provide your feet with the necessary support as a generally corrective mechanism. They can aid in treating and preventing various medical conditions, including arthritis, bursitis, and plantar fasciitis. For example, flat foot orthotics are helpful in treating the flat feet.
Different orthotic designs are built to solve unique foot problems and conditions. For instance, orthotics for bunions and hammertoes are customised to slow the progression of bunions and hammertoes. Orthotics also act as anatomical anchors to your feet.
Different people get accustomed to orthotics within varying spans. However, it can take two to four weeks to get used to orthotic insoles for the average adult. Wearing your insoles regularly influences how fast your feet adjust to them.
A standard pair of foot insoles should last for about 1 to 5 years. However, orthotics can last longer or wear out faster depending on multiple factors. Such factors include the frequency of usage, the material used, and the technical demands of your foot condition.
Physiotherapy clinics provide orthotics. If you feel you are in need of orthotics, the best option for you is to ask a Chartered Physiotherapist for a Gait Analysis and this will help determine your need for orthotics.
If you stop wearing your orthotics before the recommended date then it may lead to issues. Either your condition will worsen or you will be back to square one. Its highly advised to wear your orthotics for the recommended duration.

Other Services at PHYSIOMOTION3D

We also provide other services such as sports massage, dry needling, gait analysis, deep tissue massage, myofascial muscle release and physio in Waterford. Our therapists are all IMTA registered.