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Physiotherapy Cork

At our Physiotherapy Cork practice, we also provide access to specialist physiotherapy services. A full comprehensive analysis, treatment, diagnosis and solutions programme are part of our services. 

PHYSIOMOTION3D is a Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic with over 25 years’ experience providing best in class pain relief and rehabilitation treatment for our patients.

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Our Cork Physiotherapy Services

Our Cork physiotherapy centre use hands on treatments and advanced technology to cater to our clients needs. We ensure accurate analysis, helping you to avoid future injuries and regain your strength and flexibility.


Our PHYSIOPRIME service is a hi-tech, progressive and dynamic Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic that specialises in musculoskeletal, neurological problems and sports injury conditions. Through a comprehensive assessment, we give an accurate diagnosis of your problem. It is a 1-hour service that comprises an assessment, treatment and home exercises programme that is sent to your email via our PHYDEO app so you know exactly what to do to comply properly.

Physiotherapy Clinic Cork
Physio Clinic Cork

Run3D Gait Analysis

Our RUN3D Gait Analysis involves an accurate 3-D analysis of your movement biomechanics, flexibility and strength. During our hi-tech analysis, we will learn exactly how you move, where the issues are and how to improve your run. We are one of very few in Cork to offer this fantastic service.

Footstep 3D: TOG Gait Scan

Our FOOTSTEP3D service has been upgraded with the latest additions of 3D STRUCTURE SENSOR systems and TOG GAITSCAN. With over 4000 sensors in our GAITSCAN plate, they record the impact the foot takes while walking. Our 3D STRUCTURE SENSOR allows us to accurately detect abnormal foot function as you walk and stand.

Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep Tissue Massage service is a highly effective form of therapeutic massage that emphasis on deep muscle and connective tissue layers of the body. It is designed to break down the tightness of the muscle fibres by releasing the build-up of tension and eliminating toxins. It loosens muscles, relieves pain and increases mobility.

Sports Massage

This is an effective form of treatment that helps with muscle pain reduction, enhances performance and rehabilitation. It is used to treat chronic problems such as tight shoulders, neck pain and poor circulation. Sports Massage manipulates soft tissues and triggers points preventing sports injuries and occupation injuries.

Physiotherapy Cork Clinic

Dry Needling

This service is also known as Trigger Point Therapy and it is used in the treatment of muscle and myofascial tissue problems. It releases over sensitive areas in the muscle reducing tissue pain and dysfunction. Dry Needling is proactive and invasive though it can result in dramatic improvements in the recovery process.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our service is designed for clients who are experiencing swelling due to fluid retention. At our Physiotherapy Cork clinic, we use Air-Relax Treatments that result in positive lymphatic fluid reduction and improved circulation. The leg boots apply direct pressure to the muscle area such as the hamstrings, quads, shins, calves and feet.


We help people avoid injury, recover from injury or live with lifelong conditions through the prescription of orthotics. These are insoles worn in the shoes either temporarily or long term to aid in the biomechanical correction of your feet. Orthotics prevent more invasive and expensive interventions such as surgery.


Who will benefit from a Run3D experience?

Walkers, runners and sports athletes are the main beneficiaries. We help people of all activities to know the root cause of their injury or condition. Whether you want to start walks, run regularly, compete in a marathon, avoid future injury, after an operation, improve your mobility, or even improve your running technique contact us. Our team of experts at our Cork Physio clinic are here to help you.

Why Choose our Physiotherapy Clinic in Cork?


Peter Keane is a leading sports physiotherapist and running injuries analyst who brings over 25 years of experience to PHYSIOMOTION3D. He has specialised in musculoskeletal and neurological injuries alongside having various certifications to his name.

Personal packages

At our Cork Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide accurate and valuable insights. You will learn about how your body moves when you walk or run. These personal packages help distinguish what our clients are doing right and wrong with their movements.

Hi-tech 3D analysis systems

Our clinic also uses Gait analysis & TOG Gaitscan to determine the root cause of your problem. Our specialists can then diagnose and recommend a proactive manner to deal with your problem. This can also help determine the need for orthotics.

Results Driven

We are a results-oriented physiotherapy clinic. Our approaches are based on your short- and long-term goals. We help our clients reach their desired goals with a certain period. If you require the very best in professional physiotherapy in Cork, look no further than Physiomotion3D.

Our Location

We are based on Bishopstown Road located roughly 10 minutes from Cork City, Ballincollig & Douglas. Benefit from our free on-site parking. Our convenient location is great for employees and students in Cork University Hospital, University College Cork and Munster Technological University. We also have a Waterford physio clinic.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will fill out the paperwork first such as the registration form and medical history. A complete assessment is done to determine what the issue is. Your Physio will then explain the findings of the assessment and answer any questions you might have. The assessment allows them to develop a treatment plan for you and it will be started in your first appointment.

A physiotherapist helps in the restoration of movement and function of a person affected by disability, illness or injury. They can help reduce the risk of injury in the future. They consider the body as a whole which ensures that they do not focus on the individual aspects of an injury. 

Anyone who feels pain during physical activity. If you have lost balance, are in constant pain or are not as moving easily as they used to. Sports athletes, runners and walkers are likely to need the services of a physio. The reason being is that their bones soft tissue, joints and nervous system are under more pressure than somebody who isn’t as active.

There are many different variables to this question. The extent of the injury determines the period in which physiotherapy will work. Minor injuries take 2-3 sessions to work, soft tissue injury tissues take about 6-8 weeks for them to heal while complicated conditions take 2 or more months. The level of a patient’s commitment to their recovery determines the duration. It is key to note that the experience and expertise of the professional greatly determine your recovery. 

Pain during physiotherapy depends on the condition being treated. Treatment is aimed to reduce pain rather than make it more painful. Physiotherapists use modalities to relieve pain and people experience pain differently. Some level of pain is expected during sessions since pain is the body’s emotional response to a stimulus.

A physio performs a thorough assessment; they make a treatment plan to help reduce pain and addresses the root cause of your problem. They use various treatments to help patients relieve pain. These include soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, stretching to relieve spasm and tension, electrotherapy, acupuncture, posture awareness, corrective awareness, and advice on how to deal and overcome pain in your daily life.

You should perform exercises as advised by your physiotherapist. Conversely, exercises should be performed 2-3 times a day. These exercises should be performed for 5 minutes each time. Repeating these exercises allows muscles to memorize their need to perform their roles. As you progress with your treatment the exercises can be performed daily and then 3 times per week and 15 minutes for each time. This is for the long term. 

In need of a Physio in Cork today?

Are you looking to book an appointment with a Physio in Cork? If so, please contact one of the team members at PhysioMotion3D. We will be happy to speak with you in greater detail and to schedule a date that suits you. Get in touch with us today. All of our therapists are IMTA registered.