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Sports massage therapy can help restore function and mobility, so you reach optimal performance, whether it’s during sports or your everyday life. At PhysioMotion3D we have a leading clinic for sports massage Waterford and we are committed to helping you recover from your sports injury.

Modern life can take a toll on your body’s performance and well-being, especially if you follow an active lifestyle. Over time, pain and discomfort can have a negative impact on your quality of life and interfere with everyday activities or fitness goals. We often see this with many of our clients.

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What is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a set of massage techniques that aim to restore mobility, improve circulation, eliminate tension and stiffness, and alleviate pain in muscles and joints. To do so, our professional IMTA registered Masseuse will address deep muscle structures known as fascia.

Sessions last between 30-60 minutes and are completed through hands-on treatments, using massage guns, or a combination of both. This type of therapeutic massage can reach deep into the muscle tissue, providing lasting results.

Despite its name, sports massage isn’t just for athletes or sports enthusiasts. This massage technique can benefit anyone who is struggling with chronic pain, injuries, and with built-up tension. Sports massage can also help people with limited mobility, osteoarthritis, and circulatory problems.

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Difference between Deep Tissue & Sports Massage?

Both sports and deep tissue massage use firm pressure to release muscle tension, break down knots and improve mobility and blood circulation. The main difference lies in how specific these types of massages are. Our sports massage in Waterford usually targets specific parts of the body to prevent injuries, help recover from them, or to improve physical performance. This type of massage would suit athletes, people with limited mobility, and those recovering from accidents or trauma.

On the other hand, a PhysioMotion3D deep tissue is usually applied to the general area of the body. As such, it is a good choice for people who are looking to release pain and tension and not necessarily for sports injuries.

What are the Benefits of Sports massage therapy?

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Fewer sports injuries

Regular sports massages in Waterford can reduce the risk of suffering an injury during training, workouts, or competition. At PhysioMotion3D, we have noticed that it is particularly true if you practice high-impact sports or follow an intense training programme. If an injury happens, we can address it with therapy.

Improved physical performance

Our Waterford sports massage service can help your body recover faster from the effects of intense exercise. Faster recovery means that your body will stay in optimal condition and your performance will be less likely to be affected. Our services alongside recommended rest times will help with full-body recovery.

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Increased mobility

Stretching and relieving tension in deep muscle tissues can bring great improvements in flexibility. When your body is more flexible, your range of motion increases, resulting in improved performance. This is why our experienced team help many of our clients with their mobility through a sports massage in Waterford.

Better knowledge of your body

Our Waterford sports massage experts have noticed that one of the physical benefits of sports massage is that it will help you gain more awareness of your body and its responses. Over time, our clients have learned to identify problematic areas in their body. It is a great way to know which muscles need to strengthen.

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Why Choose us for a Sports Massage in Waterford

25 years experience

Our clinic is an established Physiotherapy practice offering sports massage in Waterford. Peter Keane, our lead clinician, has 25 years of experience as a Health clinician. The rest of the PhysioMotion3D team are comprised of physios, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Professional Sports Massage therapists with ample experience in several areas of specialisation.

Client-centred approach

At PhysioMotion3D, you’ll never be a number. All our treatments are focused on our clients' needs and lifestyle. We know that everyone is unique, our sports massage in Waterford ranges from sports rehabilitation to running injuries or strength and conditioning planning. We offer a personalised experience.

We get straight to the root cause

Our sports massage therapy is personalised and targets the root cause of the problem you are experiencing. We don’t take shortcuts - our goal is to bring all our clients long-lasting results that improve their quality of life during both physical workouts and everyday activities.

Convenience and comfort

With PhysioMotion3D, you can be sure that you are in good hands. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and provide a relaxed environment where you’ll always feel comfortable. Moreover, we work around your schedule so book a session when suits you. Even on Saturdays and Sundays!

Sports Massage Waterford - Our Location

Our clinic is situated at Unit 24, Ballinakill Shopping Centre, Dunmore Road with free onsite parking. We are conveniently located near the University Hospital Waterford, Ardkeen, and Waterford City.


Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, their role is to support your body in reaching its optimal state. Depending on your needs and goals, your therapist will perform either a full-body sports massage or target specific areas by using techniques like kneading, wringing, or light striking.
Always choose a Sports Therapy Clinic that employs qualified sports massage therapists registered with the IMTA (Irish Massage Therapy Association). If you’re looking to get a sports massage in Cork City, our Bishopstown clinic is a convenient choice due to its location near the N40. We’re halfway between Ballincollig and Carrigaline and a short 5-minute drive from University College Cork and The Munster Technology University.
Reaching deep into muscle tissue may not always feel comfortable. Everybody reacts differently to the pressure points addressed in massage therapy. Some people experience mild pain or discomfort, especially during the first session or when recovering from an injury. If the pain is severe, let your therapist know. We go at your pace!
You’ll be asked to rest on a massage table. The therapist will use several stretching and tension release techniques. During the session, you’ll be asked to move your body or specific limbs into different positions.
Your muscles may feel loose, “gel-like”, or sore afterwards. The soreness may last a few days after your first session. It’s important to discuss with your therapist how your body reacts so they can take this into account for future sessions. We recommend taking a 24-hour break before doing an intense workout, so don’t get a sports massage right before a marathon!
When combined with adequate training and healthy lifestyle habits, sports massage can help break down knots.
Yes. Massage therapists offer sports massage for back pain and repeated sessions can bring excellent results if the pain isn’t due to skeletal problems or herniated disks.
Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes and undergarments.  It is recommended to wear a T-shirt and pair of shorts or leggings to facilitate being comfortable and flexible.


A leading centre for sports massage in Waterford

At PhysioMotion3D, we offer the best sports massage Waterford has to offer. Get in touch to book your appointment today. We also offer additional physiotherapy services in Waterford, including Physiotherapy Mobilisations, Deep Tissue Massage, Dry Needling, 3D gait analysis, a Foot and Ankle Clinic and Orthotics Prescription.